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I'm a relative newcomer to the Internet. How do I create my own website?

        Thai Hosting can get you up and running quickly and easily. We offer a wide range of Web editing software products to create and manage dynamic websites that utilize cutting-edge Web technology. Depending on how familiar you are with Web development,
       If you don't want to build and maintain a website yourself, Thai Hosting also has a great Preferred Web Consultant program. We will put you in contact with an experienced Web development professional who can implement any business solution that you require.

       To find out more about how to put your site on the Web, contact an Thai Hosting sales representative by calling 662-674-1028 or 662-259-8877 for FAX , or e-mail us at sales@thaihosting.com

How do set up my business on the Web?

        Because Thai Hosting is a complete Web hosting solution provider, we help make your Web business successful. We have accounted for every facet of creating, managing, and promoting your Web store (where visitors come to purchase your products/services).

I have a limited budget. Can I still do business on the Internet?

        Of course! We offer very affordable electronic commerce solutions to fit any budget. You may be surprised just how little it costs. To find out more about our affordable electronic commerce solutions, contact an Thai Hosting sales representative by calling

What is SSL?

         It stands for Secure Sockets Layer and refers to a type of encryption that permits secure communications on the Internet. One of the primary reasons for the explosive growth of Web commerce recently has been the evolution of secure methods to transmit vital customer data like credit card numbers and billing information. SSL encryption promotes buyer confidence in your electronic commerce solution.

What is a CGI script?

        A Common Gateway Interface (CGI) script is a program, generally written in the PERL language, that performs special functions that HTML is not capable of performing. These functions can range from a simple page counter to complex interactive services. There are a wide variety of functions that CGI scripts can perform for your Web pages.

Where do I get a CGI script?

       Thai Hosting offers standard counters, form back-ends, guestbooks, and chat rooms. Additionally, Thai Hosting  is capable of creating and implementing custom scripts designed especially for your website's needs for you in nice price . Contact sales@thaihosting.com to make arrangements.

Do I have to sign a long contract to get a server?

        Of course if you wish you can always pay a year-in-advance and receive a 10% discount. Order here.

How the heck do I get my files to you?

        There are many ways!  You can either use any FTP (WS_FTP/Cute FTP) You may also use the "Publish" feature of many popular web-design applications like: Netscape Composer, Netscape Navigator Gold, Net Objects Fusion, AOL Press, Frontpage, Delta Quick Site, Adobe Page/Site Mill, and many more!.

Will I have unlimited access to update my pages ?

         You have unlimited access via FTP 24-hours a day. As such, you can create and maintain your Web pages on your own computer and upload files to your Web site at your leisure.

Stats Reporting

         This is a serious statistics program. Know who is hitting your site, when,
from where, how often, peak times during a day, how much bandwidth they pulled, what error messages they got, and much more!

Where are your servers located?

         The Thai Hosting Server is located in California. We have multiple lines to the
Internet, some of them specially installed for East coast and international traffic. Thus the physical location of your web hosts' servers is irrelevant. As long as they have great services and support you should be fine. Thai Hosting  has both of these! The future plans for installing remote servers on the East coast as well as in several key countries.

How long does it take to get my new domain on-line?

          We move fast! We guarantee that your server will be on-line and waiting for you to upload your files within 24-72 business hours of receiving payment. 

Do I still have to pay the InterNIC for my domain name?

          If you are reserving a new domain name, the answer is yes. Currently the InterNIC charges $70 for the first two years of ownership and then $35 per year after that. This is included in the Thai Hosting setup fee.  If you are transferring an existing domain name the InterNIC doesnot charge.

What is the process for transferring my domain?

          Thai Hosting will take care of all new and transfer request forms for you. You will be sent an email from the InterNIC asking you to accept the transfer request. Your current Web host will also receive this letter and may veto it. This is what we call the "hostile host" and you do have the authority to veto their veto (should the need arise). The prompt return of this InterNIC email on both parties behalf is important. The only cost involved is the initial payment of the server, setup, and monthly. Other than that you may have a period of downtime anywhere from 24-72 hours, depending on how fast the InterNIC is processing orders and how fast you can upload your files to your IP address (this is what you recieve until the InterNIC has processed the domain registration). Also remember that the ISPs all over the world have to update the new changes in the InterNIC database. Most ISPs do this three times a day, some as little as once per week. This may attribute to a little domain-downtime as well.  via
address. In order to assure prompt transfer make sure your email address with the InterNIC is correct. All of these factors included, give yourself a good week to get your domain up. Another good idea is to forewarn all participating parties of your moving by putting up a "We are moving" note on your existing home page with moving dates and a reminder note to hit "Reload" to refresh their cache to see the new page on the new server.

What if I want to upgrade? How? Do I pay?

            You need to pay setup fee for the upgrading also the downgrading is free of charge

Do I get RealAudio/RealVideo?

            Yes with the WEB 3 Plan or higher.

Can I get a secure server for credit card processing?

            Yes! We offer secure (SSL) server for an added fee. You can use this for secure order forms, databases, secure credit card transactions, or anything else you wish. To order SSL be sure to select the WEB 3 or higher

What is the difference between NT and Unix?

             NT servers have not advanced yet to being sufficient for virtual server use. They have many weaknesses in the areas of security, setup, flexibility, compatibility, and cost of software. For specialized Dedicated or co-located uses, the NT server does have its advantages.

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